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Today was whooly uneventful. I slept for a long time. I watched the kids. I was on here. I thought about my beautiful boyfriend. I tried to call him. I had Little Caesar's Pizza for dinner. I had a couple Christmas cookies afterwords. I watched some of a comedy. My little brothers and I made snowmen out of plastic. The baby dumped glitter all over the table. lol He's adorable. He is turning two in February. My other little brother turns seven in January. He's ok.
  Tomorrow well, actually it's later today, the little boys have doctor and dentist appointments. I was supposed to have a dentist appointment too, but I didn't. I will probably listen to music or play a game on the computer while they are having their appointments. I have to go too. Sooooooooo boring. Maybe more later. I can't think of anything else to say.
  I ended up having a detist appointment. I've decied their sadists. They smile as the nearly cram instruments down your throat, and as they rip your teeth out, and blood pours out o your gums. It was entertaining to listen to the ladies that work in the office chatting about nothing.
  The good thing is that I got approved for insurance finally. Now Ican find a psych doctor, and go back t school soon. Unless I relapse. I better not.
 See ya.

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