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Haven't written in a while. Been busy kind of. My parents fight all the time lately. I just wish it would stop. It's really annoying.
Christmas is coming. There'll be a fight that day. There allways is. It's so stupid. isn't Christmas supposed to be good? We don't have much money so there won't be many presents for the little kids. It will be nice one way or another. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve actually.
I went to school again last Tuesday. I had to take some tests, and get some work to do. I have more math and English. It wasn't nearly as emotionally trying as last time. I went to the mall for a little while with some friends. It was nice.
I think the teachers stare at me. It makes me really uncomfortable. I think some of them would rather I not come back at all. Others I just don't know. I think Mrs. Reynolds my English teacher would help me if I asked for it.
I'm getting thinner. I've found new ways to hurt myself without people knowing. I'm getting good. I was asked if I had learned anything from this situation. They meant that I wouldn't do it again. My response however was, just don't let anyone find out I'm doing anything. They didn't like that to much. Oh well it was the truth.
Watched Charly earlier. It kind of sucked. It had to be cut tremendously to fit the time constraints. The book was way better. You can tell how movies have "advanced" since then. I watched it on my tv on youtube because netflix doesn't have it.

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