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  Nobody knows who I am. I live two lives in a sense. I like music a lot. I like punk, emo, scream, heavy metal. Ok, so most rock genres. I love Big Bang Theory My favorite color is either black or blue. I wear mostly black. I am not girly although sometimes I wear cute tight clothes. I am kind of athletic. I run track, and really enjoy it. I'm a long-distance runner. I like Ghost Adventures. I believe in spirits and other entities. I love my family. You wouldn't allways know. I like going to bed smelling like my boyfriend. I want him to take my...ya know card. I can be silent, and would rather do it than talk.  I used to be outgoing and sweet. Now I am like the only goth emo thing at the  tiny high school I go to. I lieto protect myself. . In otherrds words I'm a coward. I talk to people I'm not supposed to like. I am bad at making friends and small talk. I don't talk to new people at all costs. It's not that I don't want to meet new people, it's just that I am unable to talk or think or know what to do or say around others I do not know. I would rather be silent than talk to people. I hide things about myself from people. My happy look on the outside is an act. I am like a book. You can read me, but it's the meaning you cannot get. I mislead you. I have five brothers. One is in jail. I have smoked marijuana. Everyone thinks I'm innocent, but I'm not. I hate people who make fun or stare at disabled people. This could be because I am disabled myself.Oh well if I'm biased. It's wrong either  way. I like to in-line and quad skate. I sometimes slip and eat though I strive to lose as much weight as possible. I don't tell my parents anything about my problems. This is enough for now. Thank you internet to give me a sort of anonymous place to share these things.

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