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This has that name because that's the song I'm currently listeningto on my ipod. Today was boring. I listened to some Steven Kingbooks on tape. Woohoohoohooh. My computer is having a lot of problems lately. It wouldn't work at all, not until my dad restored it. I would think an HP laptop that's not even a year old yet would work better. My parents have three and a half year old Acers that work better. When I get back to work I'll start saving for a new one. Or maybe new software for it to make it better. I'm feeling strangely empty tonight. I was thinking about my oyfriend again. I'll have to call him in the morning. I could do it now, but I don't want my little brother, whom I share a room with, to wake up. I'm listening to sad songs on my ipod. It's strangely comforting to hear them. I still haven't gotten into a psychologost. It's annoying. I can't go back to school till I do. Semester begins on Monday. It's frustrating. I have to go to  my regular doc too. I've been having awful chest pains again. They have been hear for about two years now,but recently they're worse. They come with the feeling like I'm bing choked. May also be anemic. Yay! whatever. I hate needles. I don't want them to take my blood. It's terrifying. No one knows about my weight issues either. If I go to thedoctor they might find out. That'd be bad. I'd have to go to a treatment center...or miss more school. Either way it's not good. When I see my boyfriend again I am going to ask to borrow a pair of his boxers to sleep in. It will comfort me. And it will be nice. B
Byefor now. Sorry about the lack of structure of this. It never really crosses my mind to put stuff in paragraphs or some kind of order.r

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