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  I started school again at the start of semster. I am still having the same problems in a way that lead to my leaving. I wish to start again. My friends are really supportive. Seeing my boyfriend again is wonderful. I've missed this so much. I haven't beenon much because my damn laptop is like having all kinds of problms. My tech teacher is going to try and help me fix it. I am a cheerleader. It is to make my mom happy, and to see my boyfriend more. He is a wrestler, and both teams go out of state for our competitions. So we travel on the same bus. My mom's really excited because conference is here where we live and she can come watch.
  I have a meeting this week at school. It's my parent/teacher conference. I have an individualized education plan, so it's not a normal parent/teacher. The school social worker will be there too. Her report is the on that makesme nervous. I don't know what she will say. I have been back for two weeks and se hasn't bothered to eve talk to me. Why is she even coming to this meeting you may ask? She is coming because she wats to ask if i'm in counseling and all that beautiful stuff. In other words, she wants to be nosy. I can't stand her. She doesn't care about my situation. If she did she would've talked to me instead of getting her information from other sources.
  I have been having these awful migraines thalast for days or weeks at a time. I annot get rid of them either. I have no idea what the freak is going on. All I know is that they hurt like a mofo.
  See ya later. I have tomorrow off for Martin Luther King day, so you may get more inspiring words from me. Lol whatever

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