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  I'm hanging out in my 3rd hour class right now. We're doing a test but I allready finished it. I have time now to do something else. So I got on here to toalk to you all.
  This weekend was good. I went to my friend C's. We went to the mall on Saturday. After which we hung out in her hot tub. It was so nice. Ecxept the fact that the ground outside made our feet go numb.
  So Friday was interesting. I wrote a poem during school. I showed it to my English teacher like I sometimes do. It was about suicide and she got concerned because she knows about my earlier problems. She was asking me about it and I said that I didn't know if she should tell someone or not. I can't tell her what to do. So she tells the school
s guidance counselor about it. He calls the counselor and tells her about it. She calls me down to her office for a "chat"She took it like I was writing some kind of suicide note. Uh hello. If I was doing that I wouldn't show it to my English teacher. Duh
  they want to talk to me some time today. Oh joy.
  Not much to say today. My baby brother's birthday is today. He is turning two. Fun times. I'll calll him tonight and sing to him. If my mom is still mad at me she will probably bitch. Oh well. She'll get over it.

See ya! 

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